Webinar Deck: Contracting for Agile: Lessons From the Trenches in Sourcing Agile Development

27 Sep 2018
by Jimit Arora, Abhishek Sharma

On September 27, Everest Group hosted a 60-minute webinar on Contracting for Agile.

Questions addressed in the webinar:

  • Is broad-based adoption of Agile Development real or hype?
  • How does Agile impact the delivery model for outsourced services?
  • How do pricing models need to evolve to capture value from Agile?
  • How do Terms & Conditions for Agile contracts need to change to minimize risk and maximize value?
  • What are some best practices to consider when negotiating and managing Agile contracts?

As frequent delivery and customer satisfaction become the new currencies for IT organizations, a greater number of enterprises are embracing Agile and DevOps methodologies to rapidly deploy useful software. As traditional, Waterfall-based contracts are unable to manage the ambiguity and complexity related to Agile, the increase in Agile adoption is causing sourcing groups to reassess outsourcing contract templates.

This webinar will provide Strategic Outsourcing & Vendor Management groups with practical insights for structuring and negotiating Agile contracts.


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