Webinar Deck: Service Delivery Automation: The Next Big Thing

26 Feb 2015
by Rajesh Ranjan

On February 26, Everest Group hosted an insightful one-hour webinar during which our industry experts shared their analysis of the technology and the market for automating the delivery of business processes which we broadly refer to as “Service Delivery Automation” (SDA). The webinar will be presented from both the enterprise and the service provider perspectives. You will also hear from a highly experienced practitioner who has deployed and scaled up robotic process automation (RPA) at Telefónica.

The webinar addressed the following questions:

  • What is SDA and what are the differences between the technologies that it encompasses?
  • What is the impact of automation on process efficiency and costs?
  • How is the technology being adopted by leading business process service providers?
  • What is the outlook for the outsourcing market?
  • How are enterprises doing it for themselves?
    • Telefónica Case Study
    • The RPA journey
    • Lessons learned

This is the deck used during the presentation.


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