Webinar Deck: What is Successful Digital Transformation in a Post-pandemic Economy?

25 Feb 2021
by Michel Janssen, Nitish Mittal, Alisha Mittal

On February 25, Everest Group hosted a webinar titled, "What is Successful Digital Transformation in a Post-pandemic Economy?"

While most companies believe they are digital companies, powered by digital platforms, the pandemic has further accelerated the need for Fortune 1000 companies to adopt digital strategies by several years.

In this webinar, we examine and showcase how large enterprises are approaching digital transformation, including their use of data and AI, automation, interactive experiences, Internet of Things, and organizational and talent models. By delving into the data from 2020, we go beyond the buzzwords and focus on how companies are actually scaling digital transformation efforts.

Everest Group’s Michel Janssen, Chief Research Officer, Alisha Mittal, Practice Director, and Nitish Mittal, Vice President, examine successful digital transformation and provide a forward-looking view into 2021 digital transformation trends.

What questions does the webinar answer?

  • What is successful digital transformation in a post-pandemic economy that ensures enterprises thrive?
  • Which themes will dominate digital adoption in 2021?
  • What should you not do in your digital transformation journey?
  • How should you prepare for a post-digital future?

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