Webinar Deck: Are You Ready for Disruptions in Your Delivery Locations Strategy? Shaping Your Business and Talent Needs for the Future

26 Oct 2017
by Anurag Srivastava, Prashray Kala

Enterprises and service providers are up against unprecedented disruptions as they strive to optimize their delivery locations strategy. A fundamental transformation will be required to align your strategy with rapidly shifting market expectations, delivery models, and talent demands.

Everest Group looks into the future of delivery locations strategies, and shares predictions on the roles that various regions/countries will play in your portfolios over the coming years.

During this one-hour webinar we focused on:

  • The various forces of disruption that are driving enterprises to transform their global service delivery
  • The fundamental ways service delivery is changing and the challenges it imposes on talent models
  • Best practices in locations strategy to bring about a wider delivery transformation
  • Predictions about the future of locations strategy and the roles different regions/countries will play
  • Key trends and shifts in the delivery locations landscape including new center set-up activity, sourcing models, and key functions delivered


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