Webinar Deck: Is Banking Industry Optimism at Risk of Being Trumped by Delivery Model Impacts?

24 Feb 2017
by Todd Hintze

The banking industry is optimistic about the Trump administration’s policy announcements thus far. HOWEVER, the downsides of these potential changes—particularly as they relate to global service delivery models—must not be ignored. On February 23, Everest Group hosted a webinar to give their perspective on how these and other growing protectionist policies will impact operational strategy.

Key themes discussed were:

  • Trump’s statements on US job protection and what it could mean for the banking industry’s significant use of offshore labor
  • The proposed visa reforms and border restrictions and their impact on access to skilled technical resources at a cost-effective rate
  • The impact of talent scarcity on the ability for banks to compete in the ever more technology-driven arena of banking innovation
  • Other risks Everest Group is monitoring

This is the deck used during the presentation.

Listen to a recording of this webinar.


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