Webinar Deck: Creating a Future-Ready IT Workforce: What are Enterprises Overlooking?

23 Apr 2021
by Michel Janssen, Jimit Arora, Ashwin Venkatesan

On April 22, Everest Group hosted a webinar titled, "Creating a Future-Ready IT Workforce: What are Enterprises Overlooking?"

As an IT leader, you know there is a need to create a future-ready IT talent base, but what is the best approach and what will yield results? Most enterprises currently struggle to create a sustainable workforce strategy.

In this webinar, Everest Group’s analysts discussed the key principles of a holistic IT workforce strategy, and practical considerations to successfully bring it to life. If you’re an executive in a business that develops IT workforce strategies, you will gain valuable insights from our expert analysis, including answers to questions such as:

  • Why are current IT talent development initiatives not yielding the desired outcomes?
  • What are the foundational elements of an effective IT workforce strategy?
  • What are the key considerations and best practices to execute on the strategy?

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