Webinar Deck: Is Your Delivery Locations Strategy Future-Proof?

24 Oct 2016
by Anurag Srivastava

On October 20, Everest Group hosted a one-hour webinar that offered insights on insight needed to make sure your location strategy is best-in-class.

Rapidly evolving optimization technologies, changes in customer demands, shifts in operating environments, talent shortages, and continued cost and efficiency-related pressures will require both enterprises and service providers to reinvent their service delivery portfolios.

This one-hour webinar focused on:

  • Key forces shaping the global delivery locations strategy decisions for enterprises and service providers
  • Ways global firms are tackling these challenges to ensure survival and sharpen competitive advantage
  • Trends and shifts in the delivery locations landscape in the past 18 months, including new center set-up activity across locations, changes in operating risk environments, and Everest Group’s city- and function-level MAP Matrix™ assessments

This is the deck used during the presentation.

Listen to a recording of this webinar.


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