Webinar Deck: 3 Pricing Questions Everyone Is Asking

20 Mar 2013

3 Pricing Questions Everyone Is Asking

On March 20, Everest Group conducted a webinar on 3 Pricing Questions Everyone Is Asking.

The outsourcing industry has witnessed a multitude of changes over the last 12 months that seem to have altered the pricing dynamics radically. These include the Indian Rupee losing 15 percent of its value, sustained buyer pressure for spend reduction, aggressive adoption of non-FTE based pricing models, lowering margins for Indian providers, improved margins for global providers, among others.

As a result, key stakeholders in buyer and service provider organizations are pondering the validity of these questions:

  1. Have prices also reduced by 15 percent?
  2. Have Indian providers started a price war?
  3. Should I adopt transaction-based pricing like my peers?

Everest Group invites you to a one-hour webinar in which we’ll cover:

  • Impact of forex fluctuations on pricing
  • Recent pricing trends for both IT and BPO services
  • Adoption of transaction-based pricing and pitfalls to avoid

This is the deck used during the webinar.

Listen to the recording 


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