Webinar Deck: How Enterprises Can Achieve the Full Value of Cloud

2 Apr 2021
by Michel Janssen, Abhishek Singh, Mukesh Ranjan

On April 1, Everest Group hosted a webinar titled, "How Enterprises Can Achieve the Full Value of Cloud."

More than 90% of enterprises have adopted cloud in some form or another; however, most have not realized the intended — or full extent of — benefits from their cloud initiatives, which creates difficulty when strategizing for the future.

Michel Janssen, Chief Research Officer, Abhishek Singh, Vice President, and Mukesh Ranjan, Practice Director, offer expert advice to enterprises and service providers on how to decode the plethora of cloud options, such as hyperscalers, multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, on-prem cloud, and more.

Our experts answer the following questions:

  • Which is the best hyperscaler across various verticals?
  • What are best practices when contracting with hyperscalers?
  • How do hyperscaler hybrid stacks such as Outposts, Anthos, and Azure compare, and should enterprises consider them?
  • What other hybrid cloud providers should enterprises consider?
  • Which network transformation levers should enterprises pull in conjunction with cloud transformation?

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