Webinar Deck: Scaling Intelligent Automation: Can It Solve the Talent War?

19 Oct 2021
by Michel Janssen, Amardeep Modi, Bharath M

On October 19, Everest Group hosted a webinar titled, "Webinar Deck: Scaling Intelligent Automation: Can It Solve the Talent War?"

A significant boost in intelligent automation (IA) adoption occurred in response to the pandemic as organizations grappled to ensure business continuity. Post-pandemic, the adoption of IA solutions has maintained a steady climb and even accelerated.

Enterprises and Global Business Services (GBS) organizations are increasingly leveraging IA solutions for areas beyond traditional delivery, for example, as a lever to address talent concerns, enhance productivity, and set up long-term strategies for business resiliency and agility.

In this webinar, our experts provided insights around the adoption trends and impacts of IA and answered questions, including:

  • How has the adoption of IA progressed since the onset of the pandemic?
  • How are Centers of Excellence (CoE) operating models evolving to meet the increased demand?
  • How are automation solutions being leveraged to address talent and productivity concerns?
  • What are the emerging talent models for successful IA programs?
  • What are the areas, beyond delivery, where IA solutions are having the maximum impact?

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