Webinar Deck: Managing Services Categories for Maximum Value

19 Nov 2020
by Michel Janssen, Amy Fong, Bhanushee Malhotra

On November 19, Everest Group hosted a webinar titled, "Managing Services Categories for Maximum Value."

Services spend is significant for most companies, but few have developed strong category management capacities for services categories. And when they have developed it – let’s just say, all Category Management is not equal. We see significant differences in the capabilities that companies develop across services categories, even among the best-of-the-best companies.

In this session, we share new data that’s focused on best practice implementation across the services categories. You’ll learn which services categories have the most opportunity for capability development and where to focus your efforts for the most impact.

Questions we answer:

  • What are the differentiating capabilities of services category management?
  • What technologies and tools are critical to managing services categories?
  • Where can all companies do better?

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