Webinar Deck: Read Before Jumping: The Reality of Digital Adoption

18 Mar 2016
by Chirajeet Sengupta, Jimit Arora

As you face the current digital revolution, you’ve likely realized that there’s a dearth of real facts and figures. How much of the digital transformation is real? How much is hype?

For the very first time, Everest Group is presenting a comprehensive “voice of the enterprise” to help clarify the true nature of digital adoption trends across Europe and North America.

On March 17, Chirajeet (CJ) Sengupta, and Jimit Arora shed light on:

  • Is digital all about Uber, AirBnB, and the consumer app with the sexy user interface?
  • What does digital mean for large B2B enterprises?
  • What does adoption really look like? What does it imply for the future?
  • What separates digital-led business breakthrough from the cute-but-not-so-useful digital “widget”?

Listen to a recording of this webinar.


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