Webinar Deck: How to Navigate the COVID-19-Led Economic Downturn (and Thrive in the Recovery)

15 Apr 2020
by Cecilia Edwards, Todd Hintze

On April 15, Everest Group hosted a webinar titled, "How to Navigate the COVID-19-Led Economic Downturn (and Thrive in the Recovery)."

The spread of COVID-19 has wreaked major havoc on financial markets around the world. Although much remains uncertain – especially as necessary social distancing measures broaden and extend – it’s clear an economic shockwave is upon us.

First in a series, this webinar will provide insights on how to evaluate your sourcing strategy to ensure your organization effectively traverses the downturn and thrives when the recovery – both from the pandemic and the economic bust – begins.

You’ll gain valuable insights from our experts, including answers to questions such as:

  • What costs within the structure of your IT and business processing services can be addressed at this time?
  • How are your business processes potentially preventing you from fully realizing the value of your IT investments in scale, automation, resiliency and predictive management?
  • Why should you think about recovery when the downturn is still taking shape?

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