Webinar Deck: Digital Engineering: What You Need to Know to Design Your Future

13 Jul 2021
by Michel Janssen, Akshat Vaid, Mayank Maria, Nishant Udupa

On July 13, Everest Group hosted a webinar titled, "Digital Engineering: What You Need to Know to Design Your Future."

Digital engineering accounts for nearly one-fourth of the global Engineering and R&D spend today and stands at an estimated US$210 billion. As digital engineering developments accelerate with no sign of slowing down, it is imperative for enterprises to understand the investments needed to ensure readiness from a mindset, strategy, talent, and ecosystem standpoint.

Our experts illustrate various approaches to investing in digital engineering, use cases across industries, and challenges and opportunities enterprises can expect in the coming years.

What questions will the webinar answer?

  • What is the expected growth of digital engineering, and how is it different from traditional engineering?
  • Which skill sets are needed to take on digital engineering initiatives?
  • What use cases are most relevant for enterprise adoption, and what will gain traction?
  • What challenges do enterprises face when implementing digital engineering?
  • What role will the digital engineering ecosystem play in helping enterprises get ahead?

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