Webinar Deck: Digital Transformation: Ready or (Probably) Not?

12 Jul 2018
by Cecilia Edwards

On July 12, Everest Group hosted a webinar titled, Digital Transformation: Ready or (Probably) Not?

Virtually all businesses view digital transformation as a top priority…but how many are actually ready to transform? Very few, as it turns out – Everest Group research indicates that only about 10% of enterprise IT organizations are ready to reinvent their enterprise through digital technology.

Why does that matter? We believe that readiness for digital transformation is the key predictor of digital transformation success because readiness depends on a full complement of a variety of prerequisite investments and conditions.

Through our Pinnacle Model™ research and consultative engagements with CIOs who are successfully making their companies’ digital transformation a competitive advantage, we have identified the prerequisites for creating those conditions, which we will share in this webinar. The session will address:

  • What it means for an IT organization to be ready for digital transformation
  • How leading enterprises are preparing differently from the rest of the market
  • The most impactful actions an IT organization can take to ready itself to drive value from a digital transformation

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