Webinar Deck: How Best-in-Class Organizations Manage Their Contingent Workforce

12 Feb 2020
by Michel Janssen, Arkadev Basak

On February 12, we hosted a webinar titled, "How Best-in-Class Organizations Manage Their Contingent Workforce." As the contingent or “alternative” workforce becomes an increasingly critical component of the overall talent strategy for most global enterprises, stakeholders are finding it extremely challenging to effectively manage. Definition and classification, visibility into the mammoth spend, and balancing conflicting internal stakeholder priorities are among the most worrisome elements.

Based on our recent Contingent Workforce Management Pinnacle Model® analysis, in this webinar, our experts explain:

  • Which contingent workforce management strategies and related practices result in the best business outcomes
  • The roles are business and functional stakeholders playing in procuring and managing the contingent workforce
  • How technology is empowering best-in-class organizations, or Pinnacle Enterprises®, to achieve superior results

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