Webinar Deck: Digital Engineering: An Opportunity Unparalleled

11 Mar 2020
by Akshat Vaid, Anish Agarwal

On March 11, Everest Group in collaboration with NASSCOM, presented a webinar titled, "Digital Engineering: An Opportunity Unparalleled."

As enterprises address evolving customer expectations around smart and connected offerings and try to impart efficiency and transparency into ER&D, they are adopting digital engineering in a big way. Digital engineering initiatives fall in two key categories, a) engineering of digital products (which are intelligent, connected, and personalized) and b) leverage of digital technologies in engineering processes across the product life cycle. While digital engineering means different things to different industry verticals, safe to say it has become one of the top ER&D priorities across the board. The space is expected to see a major growth in spending over the next few years to capture nearly 36% share in the overall spending by 2025.

This webinar will help to gain further insights into the global digital engineering landscape. Key areas covered:

  • Dissecting the global ER&D spending and understanding growth trends
  • Deep impact caused on key industry verticals and enterprise priorities
  • Offshoring and outsourcing trends
  • Opportunities and challenges for India to become a location of choice for delivering digital

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