Webinar Deck: The Blind Side of Next-gen Apps – Beware Enterprises

10 Aug 2021
by Michel Janssen, Yugal Joshi, Alisha Mittal

On August 10, Everest Group hosted a webinar titled "The Blind Side of Next-gen Apps – Beware Enterprises."

As your enterprise progresses on its digital journey, it is imperative that your IT organization evolves at the same time to support changing business needs and generate tangible business value.

This need for synchronous change throughout enterprises is leading to a fundamental shift in the way applications are consumed and delivered – and it is emerging as a strategic pillar in ensuring positive business outcomes.

In this webinar, our experts explained the ways in which the key principles of your application organization should shift and how your company and other enterprises will need to undertake radical transformations spanning the application organization design, culture, processes, and technology.

What key questions will the webinar answer?

  • What should enterprises expect to change, and what does it mean for the application organization?
  • How should enterprises plan their transformation journey, keeping applications in mind?
  • How can enterprises ensure and measure the success of these changes?
  • How can enterprises make the model sustainable and scalable?

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