Response to Satyam Crisis



Everest Research Institute, an experienced leader in outsourcing and offshoring research and analysis, has developed a comprehensive point of view on the Satyam situation. Everest's team of industry experts has developed a detailed situation analysis including the issues surrounding the crisis, implications for buyers and suppliers, and recommendations for how to effectively respond.

The 50+ page situation analysis includes:

  • Timeline of key events in the unfolding of the Satyam crisis
  • Recommendations for current Satyam clients on effective crisis management
  • Facts and analysis on supplier alternatives
  • Everest’s approach to managing supplier risk

Since this is a rapidly changing situation, this document was updated as needed.

  • The current version is 4.0 (final version of the analysis)
  • 4.0 Updated to include developments related to Satyam’s acquisition process and includes Everest perspectives on managing supplier risk
  • 3.4 Updated to include news through February 20
  • 3.3 Updated to include information new leadership and client developments
  • 3.2 Updated to include developments from January 28 through February 3
  • 3.1 Updated information on the fourth Board meeting that conclused on January 27, 2008
  • 3.0 Updated information on the third Board meeting, revised assessment of the situation, and potential scenarios which may unfold
  • 2.2 Updated with information on potential acquisitions, Board comments on customers, and early highlights of Raju's revised confession
  • 2.1 Updated with names of candidates for CEO and CFO
  • 2.0 Updated to include summary of second Board meeting and analysis of events from January 12-17
  • 1.2 Updated with key messages from January 12 Board meeting
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